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Trip To Chicago And Wrigley Field 2014!! Go Cubs!!

What better way to break into writing than a story about our trip to Chicago this year? My husband Rick and I had this getaway planned for many months ahead of time. He knows I am a fanatical Cubs fan and that it was the underlying reason why I suggested the trip in the first place. I forced him to learn the name of at least one Cubs player and he obediently memorized their awesome first baseman, Anthony Rizzo. I told him it would do and that he had earned the right to go to a game. The following is an account of our game day shenanigans and the fun events leading up to it.
We stayed in the Congress Plaza hotel, located right on Michigan Avenue. This iconic landmark is heavily touted for housing many famous people. We decided to save a little on the parking valet service, choosing to haul a heavy suitcase, an even heavier cooler and various other items from the parking garage around the corner to the main entrance of the hotel. Unfortunately, after registering, we had more lu…