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Fall Trip To Chicago!!

The alarm went off at 4:00 AM.  It was Saturday, September 20th, 2014.  I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes, jumped out of bed and stumbled to the kitchen.  The Keurig supplied me with the first java jolt of the morning.

"Wake up!", I told myself.  "You are going to Chicago today!"  Two cups of coffee later, I was out of the shower and preparing for the Cubs game to be attended that afternoon!  My two daughters, Laura and Natalie were primping themselves for the big weekend getaway that Nat and I had planned about six weeks before.  I had already been to  Chicago with my husband Rick in July and the game we attended at Wrigley  was so addicting that I just had to schedule one more trip before the end of the season.  We wanted to spend the night in the city after the ballgame and then go shopping the following day.

We would be staying with an Airbnb host named Kurt. The site is basically a global network of local hosts that rent out their beds, rooms, or even entire…

My First Solo Flight To Ft. Myers, Florida!

Yes, I have flown with my husband Rick a few times over the years but never alone!  To say I was a tad bit nervous is an understatement because my family can vouch for the fact that I get hyped up over just about everything, especially my favorite team in the entire world, the Chicago Cubs!  A solo flight would prove to be no exception.

Rick had already driven to Ft. Myers, Fl a few days before my flight departure.  His parents and brother live there and he had some things to haul down in his Chevy truck.  The two-day road trip was successful, other than the beach chairs that he left at a Super 8 hotel in GA.  They are being held for us to pick up on our return trip.  That's good!

On the morning of my flight I showered and put on the outfit I had set out days before.  Shorts, Cubs shirt, Cubs jacket and to top it off, my Wrigley Field pendant, which I just love!  : )

I made sure I had my Delta flight confirmation and my cheap carry on bag I got for free from an Ulta perfume purcha…