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Ice Skating

How many of you know how to ice skate?
Remember how much harder it was to skate that first time on a razor-sharp blade instead of four wheels?  I busted my ass a lot on the ice growing up, trying to acquire good balance skills along with breakneck speed!

But one moonlit night in northern Indiana I almost bit the dust more seriously.....

Deep River, located right behind our house, had recently overflowed its banks. Bitter cold temperatures had transformed the flooded ground into a frozen arena for our skating pleasure.  The clearing we skated on wasn't huge but big enough to pirouette and perform as well as Dorothy Hamill, or so we imagined.  A pair of outdoor floodlights mounted on the eaves of the roof lit up the wooded area and a full moon added to the magical atmosphere of a winter wonderland.

I can't remember why I was skating so recklessly around the perimeter of the clearing .  Trying to avoid the inconspicuous twig or rut in the ice, I howled at the moon and threw sno…