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Neighborhood Football Wars In The Sixties

Growing up in the mid-sixties in western Virginia included neighborhood football games.  Players were solicited by knocking on random doors after school.  The homework was forgotten about. All that mattered was the anticipation of the perfect tackle or touchdown pass in an attempt to emulate Bart Starr or Johnny Unitas.

The team selection process went as follows:  The biggest and best  players were never allowed to be on the same team. If a coin could be produced they would flip to decide who got the first pick. Players like Little Man were usually the last to be selected but were always available for a game and had an advantage because they were quick. 

My husband Rick carried the ball and he enjoys reminiscing about barreling over three or four defenders in his quest for the goal line.  He was practically impossible to take down and also very evasive. Danny Staples, aka Cherokee, was one of the rougher, bigger boys in the neighborhood.  Opposing players always dreaded the kickoff …