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Mrs. Winklepleck

Hobart Junior High was a lot like every other school in the seventies.  Red brick, two-storied, and filled with hopelessly geeky teenagers, like myself.  Students wore bell-bottom jeans and rock band T-shirts. Posters of teen idols hung inside locker doors next to class schedules.

Everyone who was cool smoked cigarettes.  I remember walking down to the corner drugstore where I would eagerly spend my lunch money on menthol Kools instead of food.  I'd smoke three or four and then get horribly nauseous in gym class afterward.  Gym class was called gym, not P.E.  Smoking would ruin athletic opportunities for me down the road in high school. Just a few years/cartons later I was caught with a cigarette in my hand by a Nazi hall-stalker who tracked me out an exit side door. No advanced P.E. for this rebel!!!  But, I had my smokes!  How did I graduate in the top twenty percent of my class?  Haha!  At least I quit smoking in my twenties. 

Home Economics, Home Ec for short, was a junior…