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A Birthday Trip To Great American Ballpark!

I love writing about my favorite team, the Chicago Cubs.  So naturally,  I want to share the birthday trip my husband Rick bought me this year to see them play the Cincinnati Reds!  My older sister JJ, who has tracked our family tree back to the beginning of time (haha), reminded me recently that our fifth grandfather on our mother's side, Ephraim Kibbey, was one of the founding fathers of the greater Cincinnati area.  Cool!

It started out with me looking at the game schedule for the Cubs around my birthday, July 21st.  The Reds would be their opponent at Great American Ballpark! I've always liked the Reds, too.  I grew up watching the Big Red Machine win a lot of games.  Johnny Bench is my favorite catcher of all time.  His jersey number, five, is also my favorite number, because of the way he played the game.  We were originally going to attend the night game on the 21st but Rick couldn't get off of work until Wednesday so we …