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Riding The Cubs Coaster

Just a quick little post about the painful and also euphoric feelings all Cubs fans have been experiencing for the last few weeks .

We have recently endured the end of the Cub's consecutive game hitting streak which was a sharp kick in the ribs.  A hitch in the ride. Yet, it united many a fan with an optimistic and positive outlook for new records and achievements to take its place.  
Well, I think today we all hopped on the Cubs coaster for real. The Cubs coaster has been slowly and methodically making its way up to a precipice of unequaled proportions .  Up from the cellar dweller record.  Up from the floor of constant riddling and hearing that our team sucks and will  forever be cursed by ancient folklore. 
The sweep of the Brewers today and the dominance of the Cubs over the last 14 games is real and alive.  When the coaster reaches the apex and we look over the edge we will all be ready.  At that exact juncture of perfection; when our stomachs drop and our hands fly up in th…