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That Shark Has Sailed

Jeff Samardzija, aka, The Shark, has decided to prey near the warm water of the Pacific ocean. I had hoped he would return to the Friendly Confines, but, apparently, his dinner date out west was more appetizing.  He accepted a five-year deal with the San Francisco Giants for $90 million.  I wish I could reap as much money from a prior year of failure in my job like what Jeff just succeeded in accomplishing.   Baseball-a warped profession that rewards sub-par performances.  Go eight-figure figure.

Cubs fans were left with a more economically priced St. Louis Cardinal leftover.  Free agent, John Lackey, has reportedly signed a two-year contract for $32 million. Putting aside the fact that he played for a team we despise, let's examine his numbers.  At age 37, his lifetime ERA is a respectable 3.92.  He produced the lowest ERA ever with the Cards last year at 2.77 and proved his continued longevity by pitching 218 innings, the most since playing for the Los Angeles Angels in 2007.  …