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Remembering a Legend on the Fourth of July

In 1927, the year my dad was born, there were two baseball players who dominated the headlines in their quest to hit the most homers in a single season.  One of them was Babe Ruth, who would finish with 60. The other player, who ended the year with 47 and whose life would come to a tragic end fourteen years later, was my favorite player of all time.  Yes, The Iron Horse, Lou Gehrig, stands atop my shrine of beloved baseball legends.  My admiration for this man even exceeds that which I hold toward my favorite Cubs players;  Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, and Kerry Wood .  These three players did/do share several characteristics with the legend who represented the New York Yankees for seventeen years.  Heart, humility, and honor.  But it was Larrupin’ Lou who set the tone.  Allow me to tell you a little something about each of the traits that he possessed and how his influence continues to mold the game today.
Heart.  Lou hit his very first grand slam when his high school team traveled to Ch…