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My husband and I were really excited as we counted down the days before our trip up to Wrigleyville.  Game 4 of the World Series was going to be played, pitting the Chicago Cubs against the Cleveland Indians.  Both teams have long droughts of non-appearance in the Fall Classic hanging over their heads.  The night before we drove up, we called our friends to ask what time to meet.  New developments with the area bars in Wrigleyville were going to affect our arrival time.  Why?  Because the majority of bar owners had taken it upon themselves to jack up their cover charges to unprecedented amounts.  Some establishments planned on gouging loyal fans thousands of dollars to reserve tables and then, on top of that, charging astronomical cover charge fees.  What a horrendous way to treat the most loyal fans in baseball.  Murphy’s Bleachers, a well-known bar, was promising to not have a cover charge but warned fans about long lines.  This is why we wanted to meet up as soon as possible. Well,…