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Retired and Admired

Forty years of hard work on the job has come to an end for my husband.  I couldn’t be more proud of him.  It takes a special kind of man to get up and go to work day in and day out for that many years.  His support of our family has never wavered and I’m very thankful that our two daughters have the best father in the world.  His retirement is well-deserved and I’m excited because he can finally enjoy the things that he has toiled so hard for.
How does this tribute tie into a baseball blog?  I’ll tell you.  I got to thinking about who my favorite retired Cubs player is.  One name immediately jumped into my mind.  Mark Grace.  Consistency is an apt word to describe not only my husband’s employment record but also Grace’s accomplishments on the baseball field.  Let’s look at just how consistent he was.
Grace debuted for the Cubs in May of 1988, replacing the struggling Leon Durham at first base.  His 2,500 hits and 500 doubles over a 16-year career, (13 years with the Cubs and 3 years …