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Ice Skating

How many of you know how to ice skate?
Remember how much harder it was to skate that first time on a razor-sharp blade instead of four wheels?  I busted my ass a lot on the ice growing up, trying to acquire good balance skills along with breakneck speed!

But one moonlit night in northern Indiana I almost bit the dust more seriously.....

Deep River, located right behind our house, had recently overflowed its banks. Bitter cold temperatures had transformed the flooded ground into a frozen arena for our skating pleasure.  The clearing we skated on wasn't huge but big enough to pirouette and perform as well as Dorothy Hamill, or so we imagined.  A pair of outdoor floodlights mounted on the eaves of the roof lit up the wooded area and a full moon added to the magical atmosphere of a winter wonderland.

I can't remember why I was skating so recklessly around the perimeter of the clearing .  Trying to avoid the inconspicuous twig or rut in the ice, I howled at the moon and threw sno…

Halloween Memories

Ever wish you could go back in time and trick or treat again like you did when you were a kid?  I do!

Yes, those were the days.  The weeks of planning your costume on a meager family budget.  Rumaging through drawers, closets and attics for items to complete that special outfit you thought of all by yourself.
And if Halloween fell on the weekend, well, that was just too cool!!!  You could stay up late gorging on all of the great candy you brought home!! That is, after it was thoroughly checked by mom and dad.

For me, one year, it was going as the cleaning woman that Carol Burnett used to play at the end of her sitcom show.  It really was an easy costume to put together.  An old dress of mom's, saggy panty hose and the mop in my bucket turned me into her character in a matter of minutes.

I romped through our old neighborhood with my two older sisters.  Clouds raced across the moonlit skies. It was cold but we didn't feel it.  Kids never do, especially on Halloween. We tried to …


Another fall has come to the Hoosier state. The warm temperatures are gone and the leaves are halfway turned to their glorious splendor of color. I'm feeling nostalgic and melancholy at the same time.  I tend to get a little despondent as the baseball season comes to a close for two reasons.  Number one, my Chicago Cubs have not made it to the postseason since 2008 when they lost to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Number two, I just love summer more! I don't mind a little snow around the holidays but the older I get the more I dread the weeks and weeks of cold weather and the scraping of cars and driveways.  I would much rather be at a ball game, preferably Wrigley Field, soaking up some sun and Cubbie runs on the scoreboard!

One week ago I attended a visitation for my former old boss, D.W. Conner, Jr., OD.  He was a local optometrist and a huge chunk of my professional career was spent working for him.  We would both eventually move on to different workplaces as a result of buyouts …

Fall Trip To Chicago!!

The alarm went off at 4:00 AM.  It was Saturday, September 20th, 2014.  I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes, jumped out of bed and stumbled to the kitchen.  The Keurig supplied me with the first java jolt of the morning.

"Wake up!", I told myself.  "You are going to Chicago today!"  Two cups of coffee later, I was out of the shower and preparing for the Cubs game to be attended that afternoon!  My two daughters, Laura and Natalie were primping themselves for the big weekend getaway that Nat and I had planned about six weeks before.  I had already been to  Chicago with my husband Rick in July and the game we attended at Wrigley  was so addicting that I just had to schedule one more trip before the end of the season.  We wanted to spend the night in the city after the ballgame and then go shopping the following day.

We would be staying with an Airbnb host named Kurt. The site is basically a global network of local hosts that rent out their beds, rooms, or even entire…

My First Solo Flight To Ft. Myers, Florida!

Yes, I have flown with my husband Rick a few times over the years but never alone!  To say I was a tad bit nervous is an understatement because my family can vouch for the fact that I get hyped up over just about everything, especially my favorite team in the entire world, the Chicago Cubs!  A solo flight would prove to be no exception.

Rick had already driven to Ft. Myers, Fl a few days before my flight departure.  His parents and brother live there and he had some things to haul down in his Chevy truck.  The two-day road trip was successful, other than the beach chairs that he left at a Super 8 hotel in GA.  They are being held for us to pick up on our return trip.  That's good!

On the morning of my flight I showered and put on the outfit I had set out days before.  Shorts, Cubs shirt, Cubs jacket and to top it off, my Wrigley Field pendant, which I just love!  : )

I made sure I had my Delta flight confirmation and my cheap carry on bag I got for free from an Ulta perfume purcha…

Trip To Chicago And Wrigley Field 2014!! Go Cubs!!

What better way to break into writing than a story about our trip to Chicago this year? My husband Rick and I had this getaway planned for many months ahead of time. He knows I am a fanatical Cubs fan and that it was the underlying reason why I suggested the trip in the first place. I forced him to learn the name of at least one Cubs player and he obediently memorized their awesome first baseman, Anthony Rizzo. I told him it would do and that he had earned the right to go to a game. The following is an account of our game day shenanigans and the fun events leading up to it.
We stayed in the Congress Plaza hotel, located right on Michigan Avenue. This iconic landmark is heavily touted for housing many famous people. We decided to save a little on the parking valet service, choosing to haul a heavy suitcase, an even heavier cooler and various other items from the parking garage around the corner to the main entrance of the hotel. Unfortunately, after registering, we had more lu…