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The Tobacco Store

It's the middle of summer.  I'm walking down the sidewalk of downtown Hobart, IN with my two older sisters, Moneta and Gay. The streets resemble thousands of small towns across America in the seventies.

 Our flip flops smack the pavement in unison.  It is another sweltering day but we don't have a care in the world. No school. No homework. No need to answer the ring of a cell phone or text message notification.  In fact, the only important thing on our young minds is the thought of going into the most tempting shop in town. Our sweaty hands hold quarters and our mouths begin to water in anticipation.  The name of this hallowed location?  The Tobacco Store.  Why do we love this place? The CANDY!

We pull open the door and a bell rings out to notify the spinster behind the register that customers have entered her shop. She scowls at us over the top of  black, half-eye glasses. Trying our best to ignore her boring eyes we begin the difficult task of deciding what to purchase.


A New Year

Finally!  The old year is history!  Shout it out!  Happy New Year!!!

Now, ask yourself. What are you going to do this year to improve your life?  I've read some great blogs from my friends that included suggestions to leave old regrets behind and move forward into positive habits. Here are a few of my resolutions.

I want to write and read more and reduce time spent on social media sites.  I blame part of this on my passion for the Chicago Cubs.  During the baseball season it's so much fun to tweet while the Cubbies are playing, along with all of my Cubbie followers!  They are such great fans and it makes me happy to share our love of the team and Wrigley Field!!!  This year the Cubs are going to do great things and it will be extremely difficult to contain my excitement online but I will try.  : )

If I had my druthers I would travel to every ballpark in the majors and write about my experiences.  There is something about being a baseball fan which, in my opinion, differentiat…