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A Great Cubs Season And What I Got Out Of It

I'm sitting on my couch feeling sort of numb and empty.  The Cubs season is over.  It ended last night, after a gut-wrenching loss to the red hot New York Mets  A loss that, not only completed a sweep of the Cubs in the NLCS, but also brought many a tear or sigh to the millions of devoted fans all over the world who stayed up late, praying for a miraculous comeback that never happened.  Was it the fault of ancient curses upon our team?  I think not. Was it a lack of preparation in the field or during pregame batting practices? Could it have been the relaxed coaching style of Joe Maddon? Again, it was none of these things.  It was nothing more than games that just could not be won.  Fly balls that dropped on outfielders before laid out bodies and outstretched gloves could snag them.  Bats that remained still because a batter looked at an armpit level pitch that got called for a strike.  Long hit balls that wound up just foul......I could go on and on.  That is the torture of baseb…